Bulletin 19.
Bulletin 19: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
A Public Archive for CFHT Data
The Abundance of Deuterium in the Solar System
Latest News on Instrumentation
    The Marseille-CFHT Focal Reducer with a PUMA Mode in General Use
    General Availability of the CIRCUS IR Camera
    CFHT Filter List
Recent Technical Activities
    Our New Summit Computers
    A New CCD Command Software
    Phase Out of the HP 1000's
    Data Preprocessing at CFHT
    The f/8 Secondary Mirror Aluminizing
Scientific News
    Discovery of a Massive Old Galaxy at z=3.4
    New Insights on the Gravitational Lens System 2237+030
    Imagerie de Champs de Quasars Brillants et de Grand Z
    The Extinction Curve at Mauna Kea in the Visible Range
    Dècouverte de Nouveaux Arcs Lumineux dans le Champ de A370
Directors Corner
    Decommissioning of Instruments
    Manuel Des Observateurs
    Second CFHT Users' Conference
    Observing Time Request Form
    Driving on Mauna Kea
Staff Changes
Observing Run Statistics
Observing Schedule Second Semester 1988