Bulletin 20.
Bulletin 20: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
Globular Clusters in the Galaxy
Latest News on Instrumentation
    High Resolution Camera Comes to CFHT
    Detection Rates for the Herzberg Spectrograph ++ TH1 in the Blue
    A New Ford/Photometrics CCD
    Status of New Data Acquisition Software
    Auto-Guider Project
Recent Technical Activities
    The CFHT Network and Its Services
    Data Acquisition Networking
    An Integrated Observing Environment
    August 1988 Engineering Shutdown
Scientific News
    Detection of Auroral Emissions on Jupiter at 2.2 um with the FTS
    Inhomogènèitès dans les Vents D'ètoiles Wolf-Rayet
    Observations Avec TIGER et avec SPI du Système Gravitationnel 2237+030 (Croix d'Einstein)
    The Colour-Magnitude Diagram of M32
Directors' Corner
    Projet MOS/SIS
    July 11, 1991 Total Solar Eclipse
    IR Camera Working Group
    Second CFHT Users' Conference
    1988 CFHT Refereed and Accepted Staff Publications
    Changements au Sein du Personnel
Observing Run Statistic First Semester 1989
Observing Schedule First Semester 1989