Bulletin 21.
Bulletin 21: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
Deuxième Confèrence des Utilisateurs Meudon 10-12 Mai 1989
Galaxies at a Very High Redshift
Latest News on Instrumentation
    Completion of the Data Acquisition Computer Upgrade Project
    Le Reducteur Focal du CFHT: Modes Longue Fente et PUMA
    The Relative Performance of the UV prime and Herzberg Sprectrographs Blueward of 4000Å
    Coudè Improvements
Recent Technical Activities
    The Optical Disk Permanent Record
    A Data Reduction Facility Development Computer System
    Updated Network News
    FTS Data Reduction on the CFHT Network
    HP IRAF News
Scientific News
    Activitè Magnètique Dans les Etoiles Ae de Herbig
    Seismological Study of Procyon and Arcturus
Directors' Corner
    IR Working Group- Summary of the Report
    F/8 Cassegrain Focus Not Available in Mid-1990
    Observing Time Requests- A Word to the Wise
    Mahalo for Contributions to Annual Report
Staff Changes
Observing Run Statistics
Observing Schedule Second Semester 1989