Bulletin 22.
Bulletin 22: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
CIRCUS: Bilan de Deux Annèes et Perspective
Latest News on Instrumentation
    FTS Implementation Under the New Data Acquisitions Environment
    Reticon Fix
    First Lab and Sky Tests for the Low Noise 1024^2 FORD/SAIC CCD
    A New Mode for CIRCUS: Diffraction Limited Imaging in K and L
    DAIC and PICA Mutation
    First 2D Spectroscopy Tests in the IR with a CCD and the FTS
Recent Technical Activities
    Primary Mirror Image Quality Evaluation and Improvements
    August '89 Shutdown
    Shearing Interferometry and Seeing
    The Dome Systems Control Project
    Telescope Tape Policy Changes
Scientific News
    Spectrographie Bidimensionnelle de 2 Mirages Gravitationnels avec SILFID
    Deriving the Distance to the Virgo Cluster from Planetary Nebulae
    3C 368: Un Cas Très Particulier de Mirage Gravitationnel
Directors' Corner
    Spectrographe Casshawec: Accord avec L'observatoire Lick
    UV Spectroscopy
Staff Changes
1989 CFHT Refereed and Accepted Staff Publications
Observing Run Statistics
Observing Schedule First Semester 1990