Bulletin 23.
Bulletin 23: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
Pluto and Charon
Important Notice Regarding CFHT Observing Schedule for July 1991
Change of Directors
Deep CFHT Quasar Surveys
Latest News on Instrumentation
    New Focussing Tools
    Scanning Modes on PALILA
    Extended Set of Grisms for the Focal Reducers
    Etalonnage en Longueur D'onde avec un Ètalon de Fabry-Pèrot, pour la Spectrographie à Basdse et Moyenne Rèsolution
    CFHT CCD Arrays
    The LAMA: A Laser Drilling Machine for Multi-Apertures Spectroscopy
    CCD Controller Modification and Exposure Timing
Recent Technical Activities
    Data Acquisition Upgrades
    Session de Tests sur le FTS
    New Instrumentation Cables in Control Room
    New F/8 Mirror Cell
    Flexures in the Cassegrain Focal Reducer
    Networked Access to Dome Environmental Control
Scientific News
    CCD Imaging of Distant E Galaxies
    The QSO OX 169: Evidence for a Recent Merger
    Deep Sounding of Venus' Atmosphere by Near Infrared Spectroscopy of the Night Side
    Stellar Photometry in NGC253
Staff Changes
Directors' Corner
    Observers' Manual
    What are Discretionary Nights Used For?
Observing Run Statistics
Observing Schedule Second Semester 1990