CFHT Bulletin 24.
Bulletin 24: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
CCDs: The 2K Generation Has Arrived at CFHT
Un Mot de L'èditeur
Effet de L'Environnement sur les Galaxies D'Amas: Les Courbes de Rotation Dècroissantes Existent-Elles?
Latest News on Instrumentation
    MOS/SIS Project Status
    First Light with Lick1 2048x2048 CCD
    LAMA Mask Selection Software
    New UV Grating and Optics for the Herzberg Spectrograph
    Coudè Autoguider
    Progress on the Coudè f/4 High-Resolution Spectrograph Project
    Update on the 2D FTS Project
Recent Technical Activities
    July 1990 Telescope Shutdown
    Mercury Spill at CFHT
    Generation III CCDH Controllers
    Optical Tests for the Prime Focus Wide Field Corrector
    Status of the Data Acquisition System X11 Versus X10
    Summit Environmental Monitoring Software
    IRAF and MIDAS Image Preprocessing at the Summit
Scientific News
    Bulles de Gaz lonisè Balayèes par des Vents Stellaires dans la Galaxie Spirale NGC 628
    Deep High Resolution Galaxy Observations with an Infrared Array on CFHT
    High Resolution Imaging of the Young Star DD Tauri
    Near-Infrared Photometry of Bright Giants in M69 Using the UH NICMOS Array
    HRCam Sonde les Amas Globulaires de M31
    Imaging of Distant Cluster Members at Z=0.4 with HRCam
Changements au Sein du Personnel
Observing Statistics
Observing Schedule First Semester 1991