CFHT Bulletin 25.
Bulletin 25: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
CFHT Image Quality Statistics (90 II- 91 I)
Disques et Barres dans les Glaxies Elliptiques
Latest News on Instrumentation
    Current Status of the Future CFHT IR Camera
    MOS/SIS Status Report
    Report on the Herzberg Spectrograph New UV Configuration
    IR Secondary Status Report
    Coudè f/4 Spectrograph Status Report
    An Astigmatism Corrector for HRCam
    LAMA Upgrade
    MARLIN Upgrade
    MOS/SIS Calibration Lamps Unit
    FTS Electronics Improvements
    Retirement of Photographic Plates
Recent Technical Activities
    Generation III CCD Controller Progress Report
    Local "Seeing" at CFHT
    TCS IV Progress Report
    Image Combination and Pre-Processing During Data Acquisition
    Safety Issues at CFHT
    Image Quality and High-Resolution Imaging at CFHT
Scientific News
    Beryllium in Stars
    Etoiles Wolf-Rayet dans les Règions HII Gèantes Extragalactiques NGC 604 et NGC 2363
    Etudes Sismologiques des Planètes Gèantes avec le FTS
    Beta Scuti Variables: Detection of High-Degree Modes by Time Series Analysis
Directors' Corner
    Staff Changes
    1990 CFHT Refereed Staff Publications
    CFHT New Imaging Plan
Observing Statistics
Observing Schedule Second Semester 1991