CFHT Bulletin 26.
Bulletin 26: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
July 11, 1991, Total Solar Eclipse
Eclipse Totale de Soleil du 11 Juillet 1991
Latest News on Instrumentation
    Optique Adaptive: Spècifications
    Progress Report on the MOSS/SIS Spectrograph
    MONICA Performances
    Coudè Detector Environment
Recent Technical Activities
    The Observation of a Total Solar Eclipse with a 3.6m Telescope
    On-Line Pre-Processing
    User's Coordinate Lists Via E-Mail
    IR Upper-End Resonance
    The New F/35 IR Secondary Mirror
    Detector News
    July 1991 Telescope Shutdown
Scientific News
    The Central Region of M32 Resolved with HRCAM!
    Dynamique Stellaire du Noyau de M 32 avec le Spectrographe Intègral de Champ TIGRE
    Imaging the Host Galaxies and Meta-Galactic Environment of BL Lac Objects
    The Stellar Halo of M31
    Dècouverte de Gax Hypersonique dans la Galaxie NGC 2366
Directors' Corner
    1991 CFHT Refereed Staff Publications
    For Sale (Cheap): Magnetic Image Tube Systems
    Changements au Sein du Personnel
    User's Manuals
Observing Statistics
Observing Schedule First Semester 1992