CFHT Bulletin 27.
Bulletin 27: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
MOS/SIS Arrives at CFHT
Les Arcs Gravitationnels: Un Outil pour la Cosmologie Observationnelle
Latest News on Instrumentation
    The University of Hawaii Adaptive Optics System
    CFHT AO Bonnette Status
    Redeye Project Status
    MOS-SIS Progress Report: Release for General Use Scheduled for 1st Semester 1993
    Calibration of New UV Optics for the Herzberg Spectrograph
    New DAGE Guiding Camera on Herzberg
Recent Technical Activities
    F/8 Focus Mechanism Upgrade
    TCS IV Update
    Observatory Communications Software System
    Limiting Observing Conditions
    F/35 Upper End Upgrade
    Automated Primary Mirror Collimation
Scientific News
    Mesure Sismologique de la Quantitè d'Hydrogène dans les Naines Blanches
    Premiers Rèsultats d'un Sondage Profound de Galaxies Jusqu'à I=22.5
    NGC 595: A Big Good'ol HII Region?
    A Redshift Survey in Quasar Fields
    Magnetospheres of Helium-Peculair Stars
Directors' Corner
    To the Memory of Dr. J.-L. Nieto
    Troisième Rencontre des Utilisateurs du CFHT
Observing Statistics
Observing Schedule Second Semester 1992
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