Bulletin 29.
Bulletin 29: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
Another 'Einstein Cross' Gravitational Lens
Change of Directors
Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distances to NGC 4494 and NGC 4565 & the Virgocentric Infall
Latest News on Instrumentation
    Progress with 'Bear:' The Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer
    PUEO Progress Report
    MOS-SIS News
    Coudè f/4 Progress & Status
Recent Technical Activities
    Cassegrain Bonnette Control System Upgrade Project
    Telescope Oil Spill
    Detector Developments
    The New f/8 Focussing Mechanism Installation
    CFHT Data Archival Update
    f/35 New Upper End Installation
    The Graphical X-Form Editor
    Interferometric Testing of Optics
    Computer Based Telescope Operations Log
    Data Reduction Facilities
    A Ray-Tracing Model of PUEO
Scientific News
    Palila, Pytheas, Morgane
    La Camèra 10 um au CFHT
    Large Scale Clustering of Galaxies at z=0.985
    Giant Branch in M31 Globular Cluster
    Evidence for Mergers at z=0.7
    Optical Identification of a New Einstein Cross & Discovery of the Deflecting Galaxy
Directors' Corner
    Changes in the CFHT Time Allocation Calendar
    Staff Changes
    Distribution de Prix
    Organization Changes
    'On-Line' Observer's  Manuals
    Policy for New, Non-CFHT Instruments
Observing Statistics
Observing Schedule Second Semester 1993
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