Bulletin 30.
Bulletin 30: The complete issue

Table of Contents:
Galaxy-Scale Windblown Superbubbles
Galaxy-Scale Windblown Superbubbles: NGC 3079
Latest News on Instrumentation
    New RedEye Grism Mode Slated for Spring 1994 Tests
    PUEO: The CFHT Adaptive Optics Bonnette
    SIS News
    Status of the High Resolution Coudè f/4 Spectrograph (GECKO)
Recent Technical Activities
    Les Archives de Observations du TCFH au CCDA
    LAMA Safety Shield
    Installation of the Primary Mirror Autocollimation
    The Summer 1993 Telescope Shutdown
    Aluminizing and Cleaning of the CFHT Primary
Scientific News
    Spectroscopy of the High Redshift Radio-Galaxy 3C65
    Nuclèosynthèse: Le Problème des Èlèments à Processus-r
    Spectro-Imagerie à 3.28 um de Galaxies "Starburst"
    Doppler Imaging of Stars
    Règions de Photodissociation à 3.3 um: M42 et M17
Directors' Corner
    Strategies for CFHT: 1993 to 2000
    July 1994 Jupiter-Comet Schoemaker-Levy Encounter
    The "Four-Nights" Scheduling Policy
    Herzberg Decommissioning
    Prix de l'Acadàmie des Sciences pour O. Le Fèvre
    Staff Changes
    1993 CFHT Refereed Staff Publications
Observing Statistics
Observing Schedule First Semester
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