CFHT Information Bulletin Number 33

Table of Contents

Latest news on instrumentation
PUEO progress report
MOCAM progress report
MOCAM: a pictorial
The University of Hawaii 8k mosaic
TCS IV project restarted
Shutter driver motor removal/installation project
Status of the CCD detectors at CFHT
Access to the CFHT archive via the WWW
Remedy action request system at CFHT
Library and information services in astronomy (LISA II)
Large mirror coating and cleaning workshop
Scientific News
Gradients de couleur et de populations stellaires dans le coeur de l'amas globulaire M30, Burgarella, D., Buat, V.
Les effets de l'impact de la comoete SL-9 observes avec C10u, Vauglin, I., Billebaud, F.
Observing proposal deadlines and addresses
The discovery of nonradial pulsation in the lambda Bootis star HD111604, Bohlender, D., et al.
Isotropic platinum abundances in the HgMn star HR 7775
Photo corner
Director's Corner
Summary of the fourth CFHT users' meeting
The future of CFHT - after the users meeting, the SAC, and the board of directors meetings in Lyon, May 1995
Le futur du TCFH apres les reunions des utilisateurs, du conseil d'administration a Lyon en Mai 1995
Comings and goings
Observing statistics
Observing statistics for the 95II semester
Observing schedule / Calendrier des observateurs

Edited by: Dr. Timothy M. C. Abbott, Web version: 8 August 1996