CFHT Information Bulletin Number 34

Table of Contents

Science News
Decouverte du compagnon d'un quasar a z=4.7 avec TIGER, Petitjean, P., Pecontal, E., Valls-Gabaud, D.
A very distant X-ray selected cluster of galaxies, Henry, P., Gioia, I., Luppino, G., Metzger, M.
ARGUS spectroscopy of a jet-cloud interaction in the quasar 3C254, Crawford, C., Vanderiest, C.
A new arc system in an X-ray luminous cluster, Maurogordato, S., et al.
Forbidden line emission regions in T Tauri stars: TIGRE spectro-imaging observations of DG Tau, Cabrit, S., et al.
Morphologie de l'hydrogene chaud dans des galaxies en fusion, Angonin-Willaime, M.-C. et al.
The Canada-France redshift survey; evolution of the clustering of galaxies from z~1, Le Fevre, O.
Near IR field spectroscopy at CFHT Dallier, R. et al.
Titan's surface from its near-infrared albedo, Coustenis, A., et al.
Observatory News
The UH8k mosaic available to observers
Experiments with silica-sol antireflection coatings
First adaptive corrections with the AO bonnette (PUEO)
CFHT acquires new spectrophotometer
A French ``mirror'' site for User's manuals
Observing proposal deadlines and addresses
Results of the December 1995 CFHT board of directors' meeting
...CFHT librarian on the road again
CFHT refereed staff publications
Observing statistics for the next semester (1996I)
Observing schedule / Calendrier des observateurs

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