CFHT Information Bulletin Number 35

Table of Contents

Science News
The first infrared images of an accretion disk around HL Tau, Close, L.
ARGUS integral field spectroscopy of IRAS 0914+4109, Crawford, C., Vanderriest, C.
The Coma cluster revisited: unveiling hidden structures and environmental effects on the luminosity function, Biviano, A., et al.
Nouvelles observations de NGC1275 avec TIGRE, Ferruit, P., Adan, G., Pecontal, E.
First infrared images of the GG Tau ring, Roddier, C., Roddier, F., Northcott, M. J., Graves, J. E.
Near IR observations of the Hubble deep field, Cowie, L., et al.
Observatory News
Adaptive optics bonnette arrives to CFHT(Front cover)
TCS IV progress
Optics and instrumentation group
Detector group
Electronics group
Software group
Operations group
Pegasus user interface expands to the web
Observing proposal information and addresses
Comings and goings
Director's corner
Observing statistics for the next semester (1996II)
Observing Schedule / Calendrier des observateur

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