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  • Annual Reports -A compilation of Annual Reports of Observatories now listing over 80 print and/or electronic reports.
  • Core List of Astronomy Books -These Core Lists of books in astronomy are intended to assist librarians and collection development librarians in building astrophysics collections. Our list also attempts to serve as a resource for researchers and as a guide to teaching faculty in selecting available course readings.
  • Core List of Astronomy and Physics Journals --This is a list of highly-used and highly-cited physics and astronomy journals.
  • "Librarians to the Stars" -Where the observatory librarians of astronomical institutes in Hawaii gather to share information.
  • CFHT's Oral History Initiative - Liz Bryson, Librarian (retired),for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corporation, recorded and researched the oral history of men and women whose vision resulted in the development, design and construction of a world class observatory on Mauna Kea. These interviews have culminated in a DVD that offers first-hand knowledge of special historical developments and experiences as they related to their memories while working at CFHT from its inception through 1989. For more information regarding the DVD and the project, continue on to the oral history web page.
  • CFHT's Oral History Initiative, Part II- While “Gathering the Forgotten Voices” emphasized the personal history of those involved with the first decade of deep-space observing, the new DVD explores the CFHT innovation in instrumentation from vision to design to construction. Bryson has chronicled the breakthroughs of the observatory's staff so that it may serve as a prototype for qualitative research at other technological centers.
  • Other Oral History Initiatives Related To Mauna Kea or Astrophysics:
  • CFHT History - Picture Archive

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