CFIS Contacts

PIs and Steering Group
For all aspects pertaining to the CFIS and the CFIS Collaboration, you can contact the PIs or the Steering Group:
  • Steering Group (including the two co-PIs) : cfis-sg at
  • PI France - Jean-Charles Cuillandre : jc.cuillandre at
  • PI Canada - Alan McConnachie : alan.mcconnachie at

The CFIS Steering Group consists of the two co-PIs and:

  • Science leads: Mike Hudson (CFIS-r) & Rodrigo Ibata (CFIS-u)
  • Data Management: David Schade
  • Canadian members at large: Michael Balogh & Ray Carlberg
  • French members at large: Vanessa Hill & Yannick Mellier

Data Operation Group
If you are a registered CFIS user (and part or not of the CFIS Collaboration), you can contact and get support from the CFIS Data Operation Group for questions related to data properties, access, etc.:
  • Data Operation Group : cfis-dog at

The CFIS Data Operation Group consists of:

  • CFHT-MegaCam: Andreea Patric
  • CFHT-DADS: Kanoa Withington
  • CADC: Stephen Gwyn
  • CCIN2P3: Rachid Lemrani
  • CFIS: Jean-Charles Cuillandre