Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope

Scientific Advisory Council Meeting

November 2009

Please be advised that the 76th meeting of the Scientific Advisory Council will be held on 12-14 November 2009 at CFHT Headquarters in Waimea, Hawaii.

The general program for the three-day meeting will start at 09:00 on Thursday with the CFHT TAC Meeting (only TAC members are required to attend), followed by a science talk at 10:00 (all meeting participants) and summit visit. This year, the summit visit will take place at the end of the afternoon to enjoy the sunset from Mauna Kea and see the beginning of the night operations. Before the summit visit, those wishing to take a walk, will have the possibility to explore Lake Waiau The visit to the summit is planned as follows:

Hikers' group
- 1pm : Departure from Waimea headquarters
- 2 to 2:30pm : stop at Hale Pohaku (visit of the Visitor Information Station)
- 2:30 pm : departure from HP, walk to the lake Waiau
- 5 pm : arrival at the observatory

Hikers will receive water bottles and snacks for the walk to the lake.
Bring good walking/hiking shoes !

The others
- 3pm : Departure from Waimea headquarters
- 4 to 4:30pm : stop at Hale Pohaku (visit of the Visitor Information Station)
- 4:30 pm : departure from HP
- 5 pm : arrival at the observatory

For all
- 5 pm : tour of CFHT
- 5.50 pm : Sunset watching
- Sandwich-based dinner at the "Cafe du Mt Blanc"
- Watching the beginning of the night
- 8 pm : Departure from the summit
- 9:30pm : Arrival in Waimea
(departure from the summit could be earlier for those who are are tired)

Note that the summit visit is a relevant aspect of the meeting and I encourage all members to participate. A draft agenda for the meeting is included at this site.

Accommodations and car rentals may be arranged by contacting Moani Akana ( with requests for reservations no later than 9 October. Please advise Moani at this time whether you plan to participate in the summit visit and the afternoon walk.

Room rates at the following hotels have been offered to CFHT. These rates are for single/double occupancy and are inclusive of taxes. Reservations must be made by CFHT in order to receive the rates offered.

Jacaranda Inn: $106.80 inclusive per night single or double occupancy for the following rooms/cottages:

Passion Flower

The number of units are limited and a prompt request is advisable. You may view each room of this historic estate, set on eleven tranquil acres here in Waimea town, at the following site:

The Waikoloa Marriott Resort: $167.50 inclusive of tax, single or double occupancy For an additional $20.00 daily resort fee, the room rate would bring the daily rate to $188.33 inclusive. The daily resort fee provides high speed internet access in guest rooms, daily parking, complimentary local calls, and other amenities.

National Car Rental - economy car $41.34/day and $216/week (inclusive of tax and other fees).

I look forward to seeing you in Waimea in November.


Pierre-Alain Duc
Scientific Advisory Council
Fax : 011 33 1 69 08 65 77