CFHT, Science, Seminars

Schedule of Upcoming Seminars at CFHT in the large conference room

  August 31 2015, at 11:00am
    Ismael Moumen (U. Laval)
    "The Oxygen Abundance Of a Sample Of Nearby Barred Spiral Galaxies using SpIOMM"
October 8 2015, at 11:00am
    Glenn Morrison (IfA/CFHT)
    "SITELLE Observations of Synchronized Star Formation in Abell 168"
Fall 2015, at 11:00am
    Richard Wainscoat (IfA - Manoa)
Fall 2015, at 11:00am
    Geoffrey Bower (ASIAA)


Seminars at other Institutions operating on Mauna Kea and the Big Island: JAC, IfA, Subaru.

List of recent past seminars at CFHT.

E-mail correspondence to Glenn Morrison (morrison -(at)- !@#cfht$%^hawaii@#$edu) who coordinate the seminars.