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Schedule of Upcoming Seminars at CFHT in the large conference room

  February 17 2015, at 11:00am
    Philippe Thebault (Observatoire de Paris)
    "Planet formation in binaries"
February 24 2015, at 10:00am
    Olivier Lai (Gemini)
    "Thermodynamics, Evolution, Telescopes"
March 11 2015, at 2:00pm
    Glenn Morrison (IfA-CFHT)
    "Super Groups: A Grand Slice of Environmental Galaxy Evolution"
March 24 2015, at 3:00pm
    Thomas Widemann (OBSPM)
    "Venus from CFHT : how diverse are Earth-like planets? "
April 2 2015, at 11:00am
    Chris Fassnacht (UC Davis)
    "A SHARP View of Dark Matter in Distant Galaxies"
April 30 2015, at 11:00am
    Christoph Baranec (IfA-Hilo)
    "Current results from the Robo-AO survey to image every Kepler Object of Interest"
May 14 2015, at 11:00am
    Mark Chun (IfA-Hilo)
May 6 2015, at 11:00am
    Wei-Hao Wang (CFHT)
May 20 2015, at 11:00am
    Olivier Guyon, Josh Walawender, PANOPTES team
    "The PANOPTES project: discovering exoplanets with low-cost digital cameras"


Seminars at other Institutions operating on Mauna Kea and the Big Island: JAC, IfA, Subaru.

List of recent past seminars at CFHT.

E-mail correspondence to Glenn Morrison (morrison -(at)- !@#cfht$%^hawaii@#$edu) who coordinate the seminars.