Staff at the CFHT


Doug SIMONS Executive Director
Daniel DEVOST Director of Science Operations
Andrew SHEINIS Director of Engineering
Tracy YOST Director of Finance and Administration

Patti FREEMAN Assistant to the Executive Director


Laurie DALE Administrative Services Manager
Barbara HUGHES Finance & Administrative Support Specialist
Jane RODGERS Finance Manager
Arturo SAYCO Accountant

Tim MATTHEWS Safety Specialist


QSO Operations Specialist
Callie CROWDER Remote Observer
Pascal FOUQUE Resident Astronomer
Mary Beth LAYCHAK Outreach Program Manager
Nadine MANSET Resident Astronomer/Group manager
Claire MOUTOU Resident Astronomer
Andreea PETRIC Resident Astronomer
Simon PRUNET Resident Astronomer
Laurie ROUSSEAU-NEPTON Resident Astronomer
Lisa WELLS Remote Observer
Cameron WIPPER Remote Observer
David WOODWORTH Remote Observer


Kevin HO Instrument Manager
Marc BARIL Instrument Engineer
Gregory BARRICK Optical Engineer
Tom BENEDICT Instrument Specialist
Windell JONES Instrument Specialist
Grant MATSUSHIGE Sr. Instrument Specialist
Les MIZUBA Instrument Specialist


Steve BAUMAN Operations Manager/Mechanical Engineer
Tyson ARRUDA Mechanical Technician
Casey ELIZARES Summit Operations Manager
Greg GREEN Mechanical Designer/Instrument Maker
Steve HUGHES Electrician
Ilima ISABEL Custodian
Ivan LOOK Mechanical Design Engineer
James Kahea THRONAS Vehicle and Facility Maintenance Specialist
Seizen TSUHA Mechanical Technician


Kanoa WITHINGTON Software Manager
Ferdinand BABAS System Administrator
Sidik ISANI Software Engineer
Eric DELAROSA System Administrator
Billy MAHONEY Database Specialist
Chris USHER System Programmer
Tom VERMEULEN Software Engineer
Matt WILSON Computer Software Engineer

MSE Project Office

Kei SZETO Project Manager
Nicolas FLAGEY Systems Scientist
Alexis HILL Project Engineer