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Title: The SIGNALS legacy survey: On the birth of stars in the nearby Universe

Presenter: Laurie Rousseau-nepton


SIGNALS, the Star formation, Ionized Gas, and Nebular Abundances Legacy Survey, is based on a volume-limited sample of local extended galaxies (D <10 Mpc) that are actively forming massive stars. The project got awarded 54.7 nights of telescope time with SITELLE for the next four years to come. SITELLE is the most efficient instrument to conduct such a survey. It is currently and by far the biggest IFU in the world (i.e. largest FOV). Once completed, SIGNALS will provide the largest, most complete, and homogeneous database of spectroscopically and spatially resolved extragalactic HII regions ever assembled with over 50,000 resolved HII regions. By studying the spectra of spatially-resolved individual HII regions and their massive star content, SIGNALS aims for understanding how diverse local environments (nearby stellar population mass and age, gas density and chemical composition, dynamical structures, etc.) affect the star formation process. In this talk, I will present an overview of the survey.