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Title: The discovery of H3 in the auroral zone of Jupiter

Presenter: Jean-pierre Maillard


2919 marks the 30th anniversary of the publication in Nature of the unexpected discovery of the molecular ion H3 in Jupiter southern aurora, made possible thanks to the unique capabilities of high resolution and broad spectral coverage in the infrared of the FTS, part at that time of the CFH instrumentation. The identification of more than 30unknown lines, recognized after several months of work as belonging to the 2ν2 band of H3 at 2.3 μm, never observed before, even in lab, was the result of a broad and impromptu collaboration. It implies observers, laboratory spectrocopists, specialists of planetary atmospheres and molecular physicists, within the CFH community and beyond.The discovery of this active ion was at the origin of many following works in planetary astronomy with the FTS and on other ground-based IR telescopes as well as in space (Galileo, Cassini), which continue currently with Juno, and also on star formation as H3 plays a crucial role in the chemistry of the diffuse and dense interstellar clouds. This talk would aim at presenting an important page of CFHT history.