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Title: Novel observations of the optical nebulae in brightest cluster galaxies

Presenter: Julie Hlavacek-larrondo


Clusters of galaxies exhibit some of the most spectacular examples of optically bright, line emitting nebulae. These nebulae surround the central galaxies, are filamentary in nature and can extend over 100 kpc in size. Here, we present novel observations of the giant filamentary nebula surrounding NGC 1275, the brightest cluster galaxy in the Perseus cluster. Through SITELLE/CFHT observations, we produce for the first time a H_alpha and NII velocity map of the nebula in its entirety (~100 kpc; 4 arcmin) and reveal a previously unknown rich velocity structure. Rather surprisingly, the nebula appears to harbor an extremely complex and chaotic velocity structure although some trends are observed to correlate with X-ray structures (bubbles, shocks, trends with distance from the AGN). We also compare these measurements to recent Hitomi measurements of the X-ray gas, enabling us to better understand the heating and cooling mechanisms of the hot intracluster medium.