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Title: VESTIGE: A Virgo Environmental Survey Tracing Ionised Gas Emission

Presenter: Alessandro Boselli


I will introduce the VESTIGE survey, a blind, narrow-band Halpha imaging survey carried out with MegaCam at the CFHT (2017-2019 French-Canadian Large Program) to map the whole Virgo cluster region up to one virial radius. This survey has been designed to study at an unprecedented sensitivity (SHa ~ 2 x 10^-18 erg sec^-1 cm^-2 arcsec^-2) and angular resolution (< 1 arcsec) the effects of the environment on cluster galaxies through the observation of the ionised gas component, ideal tracer of an ongoing perturbation. I will summarise the first results obtained after the first observing semesters based on the analysis of the core of the cluster and of some representative objects undergoing different kind of perturbations.