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Title: Deconstructing the Galaxy with the Canada-France Imaging Survey

Presenter: Alan Mcconnachie


Gaia is revolutionizing our understanding of the Milky Way, especially in the relatively nearby Galaxy (<10kpc). At larger distances, however, the parallax uncertainties of Gaia start to become sufficiently large that it becomes important to combine insights from Gaia with deeper surveys. Here, CFIS has an important role to play. I will discuss how studies with CFIS have revealed strong interactions between our Galaxy and the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal, as traced by the outer disk of the Milky Way. I will describe the structure of the halo at very large (>100kpc) as traced by blue horizontal branch stars. Finally, I will demonstrate how we can use CFIS Gaia SDSS as a pathfinder dataset for LSST Gaia future spectroscopy, to allow the determination of various stellar parameters from photometric datasets, where usually spectroscopic datasets are required.