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Title: Status of the Canada-France Imaging Survey (UNIONS)

Presenter: Jean-charles Cuillandre


The Canada-France Imaging Survey (CFIS) is a legacy survey that aims at some of the most fundamental questions in astronomy: the properties of dark matter and dark energy, the growth of structure in the Universe from Galactic to cluster scales, and the assembly of the Milky Way. The CFIS community has now joined forces with University of Hawaii colleagues (Pan-STARRS) to create UNIONS, a collaboration to further enrich the scientific potential of this combined unprecedented deep imaging survey of the northern sky. This talk will present the observing status of the CFHT Large Program CFIS operating on MegaCam and an overview of its on-going scientific activities. Surveys composing UNIONS are motivated in part by the ESA Euclid space mission: this talk will in consequence present the big picture of the project and how UNIONS-CFIS articulates with the overall ground-based effort.