CFHT UM2019 - Presentation Details

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Title: Scientific usage and impact of the current CFHT instruments.

Presenter: Daniel Devost


With the arrival of SITELLE in 2016 and SPIRou two years later, CFHT is now operating five instrument in QSO mode. This is the highest number of instruments ever operated in this mode by the observatory. This bring more science capabilities to the observatory but also has its operating challenges. In this talk, I will first present each instrument science niche(s) and how they are used by each agency. In the second part of the talk, I will present the difficulties of operating five instruments in QSO mode. In particular, I will focus on the potential paradigm shift brought by SPIRou operations. The large amount of time constraints observations needed by exoplanet observations is hard to meet in single instrument mode given the large amount of resources needed and the risks associated with instrument exchanges.