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Title: Quasar Reverberation Mapping with Photometry and Spectroscopy

Presenter: Patrick Hall


From 2014 to 2017, a photometric survey was conducted for 850 quasars as part of the SDSS Reverberation Mapping (SDSS-RM) project. While a spectroscopic survey was conducted at Apache Point Observatory to monitor emission line flux changes, continuum flux changes were monitored with a photometric survey conducted at CFHT during dark time and at the Steward Observatory Bok Telescope during bright time. The time delay between continuum and emission-line flux variations measures the size of the emission line region, which when combined with the velocity width of the line yields a black hole mass. This combined photometric and spectroscopic survey is the first of its kind for a large sample of quasars. I will discuss key results from the SDSS-RM project, which has been invaluable for studies of the structure and physics of broad-line regions of AGNs.