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Title: Magnetic massive stars with SPIRou

Presenter: Veronique Petit


In the past decade, an important breakthrough was provided by large survey programs that have exploited spectropolaric instruments like ESPaDOnS to extend the characterization of stellar magnetism to a growing subset of massive O and early-B stars. About 10% of massive stars host strong, stable, and nearly dipolar surface fields similar to magnetic ApBp stars. However, the origin of these magnetic fields is still unknown, and there is a need to determine the magnetic characteristics of very young massive stars. Although massive stars are intrinsically very blue, the infrared waveband can be an useful tool to study very young massive stars that are obscured by their natal cocoon. We present first observations of known magnetic massive stars on the main sequence by SPIRou, to assess the performance of this new instrument for performing magnetometry of massive stars.