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Title: Activity & close-in giant planets of weak-line T Tauri stars

Presenter: Louise Yu


Magnetic fields are believed to play a major role in the early life of sun-like stars and in the early evolution of their planetary systems. The MaTYSSE programme investigates the magnetic topologies of young sun-like stars and probes the presence of hot Jupiters around them through spectropolarimetric observations carried out among others with ESPaDOnS. We report the analysis, performed within the frame of MaTYSSE, of a 7-year spectropolarimetric monitoring of the ~< 1 Ma weak-line T Tauri star (wTTS) V410 Tau. With Zeeman-Doppler Imaging (ZDI), we mapped the surface brightness distribution and magnetic topology and we constrained its differential rotation. We modeled the activity jitter in the radial velocity (RV) curve using ZDI and Gaussian Process Regression. Long-term trends appear in the magnetic properties of the star and the periodicity cycle in various activity proxies, potentially indicating the presence of a cycle over a several-year time scale. The bulk RV of V410 Tau also increases over the years, which could be the signature of its stellar companion. We will also present preliminary results for the 2017a spectropolarimetric data of the wTTS TAP 26, for which a young hot Jupiter was previously detected.