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Title: Dancing Infrared-Bright Galaxies: Optical Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroscopy with SITELLE of the galaxy merger II Zw 96

Presenter: Andreea Petric


Nearby Luminous Infrared Galaxies provide a window into the fate of galaxies at higher redshifts when gravitational interactions between gas-rich galaxies may have created today’s big ellipticals. II Zw 96 is Luminous Infrared system of merging galaxies, with global star-formation rates an order of magnitude larger than those of the well-studied merger system — the Antennae. Combined HST and Spitzer data suggested that 80% of the II Zw 096’s IR emission comes from a small (~1 kpc) off-center region (region D). SITELLE provides high-resolution 3D spectroscopic data which we use to measure the kinematics and morphology of the ionized hydrogen, measure extinction corrected star-formation rates, and suggest a solution for the mystery of region D.