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Title: Transit Follow-up at the CFH Telescope in the Era of TESS : a Demonstration with TRAPPIST-1

Presenter: François-rené Lachapelle


TESS will study hundreds of thousands of selected bright stars in the search for transits. A long list of candidates will necessitate ground-based follow-up observations at higher signal-to-noise and spatial resolution compared to what TESS can achieve. The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope offers the opportunity for such a detailed transit follow-up. Our paper will demonstrate the capabilities of MegaCam and WIRCam for precise transit light curve observations. We present a transit timing analysis demonstration based on 3 light curves that include transits of TRAPPIST-1 d and g. We achieved a photometric precision below 2 mmag with both instruments using a 10s exposure per 60s duty cycle with MecaCam and 5s exposure per 13s duty cycle with WIRCam. A MCMC analysis of the transit using the Batman Python package led to a timing precision of 63s on TRAPPIST-1 g with MegaCam and 16s with WIRCam. François-René Lachapelle, Lauren Weiss, Loïc Albert, David Lafrenière, and Jonathan Gagné