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Title: MegaCam: Replacing the controller data link system

Presenter: Kevin Ho


MegaCam uses a proprietary optical fiber link interface, known as SLINK, to transmit pixel data from the CCD controller to the host computer. The interface specification was first described by CERN back in 1995 and the interface hardware currently installed in MegaCam was built soon after. The interface hardware is now over twenty years old and unfortunately has been failing over the past few years. The number of spare boards has dwindled below an acceptable level to support MegaCam. The boards, their upgrades and parts are obsolete and no longer attainable. We have embarked on a project to replace the SLINK interface with a GigE interface, the hardware of which is readily available on the market. The GigE interface will simplify the hardware on both the CCD controller and host computer ends, improve MegaCam's reliability, and extend its operability beyond its life at CFHT. MegaCam performance should not be affected by the change.