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Title: The Magnetospheres of the Early B-type Stars

Presenter: Matthew Shultz


Magnetic confinement of the radiative winds of hot stars leads to the formation of magnetospheres. Centrifugal support of the corotating plasma sculpts these magnetospheres into warped Centrifugal Magnetospheres (CMs), a phenomenon predominantly seen in early B-type stars. CMs bear a surprising resemblance to the magnetospheres of giant planets, and the large sample size as compared to solar system gas giants, and relative ease of observation of CMs as compared to exoplanetary magnetospheres, makes them excellent laboratories for plasma physics. ESPaDOnS has been the keystone instrument in observing and understanding CM host stars. In this talk, I discuss what we have learned about the magnetic, rotational, stellar, and evolutionary properties of CM host stars, how CMs are affected by binarity, and describe ongoing efforts to use CMs to probe plasma transport processes under extreme rotational and magnetic conditions.