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Title: How to provide millions of high quality spectra? The operations and data products for the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer

Presenter: Kei Szeto


Annually the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE) will obtain millions of spectra in the optical to near-infrared, at low (R ' 3000) to high (R ' 40000) spectral resolutions by observing >3000 spectra per pointing via a highly multiplexed fiber-fed system. This presentation focuses on the operations concept of MSE as a dedicated highly multiplexed fiber-fed facility. The operations concept details each phase of operations, from selecting proposals within the users community to distributing millions of science-ready spectra to this community. The operations concept describes the tools and observatory staff required to support the user community. It also highlights the specific challenges related to the complexity of MSE with millions of targets to observe, thousands of fibers to position, and different spectral resolutions to use. Finally, the operations concept shows how the science requirements on calibration and observing efficiency are met.