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Title: Synergies between surveys. The case of M87 and NGC 4424

Presenter: Philippe Amram


The Ha [NII] narrow band imaging survey of the Virgo cluster, VESTIGE, carried out at the CFHT, revealed the presence of extended tails of ionised gas associated to galaxies of different nature (ellipticals, spirals, starburst, tidally disrupted objects) undergoing an interaction with the surrounding environment or with nearby companions. The observation of these extended structures with large field-of-view spectro-imagers like SITELLE@CFHT, GHASP@OHP, and MUSE@VLT allows a detailed analysis of the kinematical and physical properties of the gas, crucial for understanding the nature of the perturbing mechanism. I will describe the 2D spectroscopic observations of two representative galaxies with extended tails of ionised gas detected by VESTIGE: - the elliptical galaxy M87, which hosts a filament of ionised gas crossing the galaxy and extending over more than 20 kpc probably formed after a minor merging episode with a low mass, gas rich system; - the intermediate mass edge-on star forming spiral NGC 4330 currently falling into the core of the Virgo cluster, exhibiting aa peculiar filamentary structure in addition to its 10 kpc low surface brightness tail and - the peculiar galaxy NGC 4424, where a filament of ionised gas is detected perpendicular to the galaxy disc in the direction opposite to the 110 kpc long tail of HI formed by a ram pressure stripping event. I will also briefly describe our strategy plan to apply to spectro-imagers such as SITELLE and other facilities for follow-up observations of interesting and representative galaxies detected by VESTIGE. We expect to complete the sample of cluster objects with the purpose of studying the effects of the environment on the kinematical properties of galaxies with different morphological type and stellar mass.