PAPS :  PArsing and Plotting Spectra

        paps.tar.gz        (version 1.0)

*  PAPS is a stand alone Java interface developed by Adam Draginda

   (copyright 2010)  at CFHT, to visualize the SEDs extracted by Le Phare

   (with the option  % zphota  -SPEC_OUT YES)      


  1. * PAPS needs  Java  version 6 which can be downloaded here:

  1. * PAPS has its webpage :

   with a short help page :


  1. * PAPS  quick start

       - Install the tar file

       - Start the application with a  double click on  Paps.jar

            or with   % java  -jar  Paps.jar 

       - Upload your output spectra and that ‘s it  ...    I really like it !!

  1. *A screenshot of the interface is shown  below