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Welcome to the Big Island of Hawaii

Here I am beside my bike outside our observatory building on the top of Mauna Kea.
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A little about me

Hi,  My name is Grant Matsushige.
I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii  and grew up in a small town called
Wahiawa on Ohau. I Graduated from Leilehua High School and went off to
DeVry Institute of Technology.   From there I worked at Hughes Aircraft Co.
While there, I designed and built Radar Test Equipment.
I finally got the bug to come home so here I am in atop the mountain that I work on.
Mauna Kea is a 14,000ft (4200 meters for you metric folk) mountain on the
Big Island of Hawaii.  I work for the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Corporation  CFHT.

I'm an Instrumentation  Specialist  responsible for servicing
the various pieces of electronics on the telescope.  This telescope
is used by astronomers from around the world.

It does snow from time to time up here.  Here are a couple of pictures
taken from the summit while it was snowing.

I am standing in front of the 
Suburban outside of the

They say do not eat the snow.  I think this might be okay though.

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What do I do with my spare time?
I guess that the best - and fastest - way to really get to know me
is by discovering what I like. So here goes . . .

Mountain Bike
I love to mountain bike.  I often take trips to see other parts of the country and world.  I am lucky enough to be able to ride here in Hawaii as well as the 
greatest parts of the world.
I'm lucky to be able to play some of the most beautiful courses in Hawaii let alone the world.  I play about once a week and was even lucky enough to take a trip to  see the Masters.
I play tennis once or twice a week.  Tennis allows me to escape work during the week to clear my mind.
Oh yeah, I also hike from time to time.  Even hiked off the side of Mauna Kea to Waimea.  My friends called it the 

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Some Interesting Links

Mountain Bike Related

BC USA  NOTE: BC USA is no more.  
They were sold for the last time.  The bike shop is still there but as I last heard, they are now an 
"OFF DIRT" shop.

To find custom build mountain bikes, go to:


Or  go to Cambria  Bicycle Outfitters.

Psycle Werks
Awesome mountain bikes. 
Roy is still around but Chuck is the 
guy to talk to these days. 
He's most helpful. 

Read some reviews on this bike.
Check it out in MTB-Reviews.

Mountain Bike Review (MTB Review)

Big Island Mountain Biking Association

To promote the sport of mountain biking, to develop trails, mountain bike training and safety programs, and to communicate information on mountain bike activities.

Vehicle Related:

The fastest accelerating traveling circus. The 2005
season with Army of 1 TF team winning
another champtionship.  FC was thrilling with 4 teams
going into the final race with a chance to win the
championship.  In Pro Stock Greg Anderson
blew everyone away again!! 

Tims in the 4.4 second range with speeds in excess
of 330 became more common. 

Import Drag Racing: NHRA Import

Some Current Pictures

2002 Trip to 
Washington and Oregon.

Check it out:
Kernville October 2001


Hawaii Mountain Biking


Recent Big Island Pictures

Also check out a cool macromedia site showing 
an area I do a lot of riding while in 
Southern California.
Palos Verdes
This is the usual Sunday morning 
ride with the gang.

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Current Conditions at Summit and Waimea

CFHT  Weather Tower
CFHT Weather Tower Datalogger

CFHT's Weather Page
GOES Satellite  Loops

Waimea Weather Conditions
10 minute update

Current images from summit.

Some of  my friend's pages

My Canadian friend.
David Bohlender
Ralph Taroma
Roger Uchima
Robert Song
My Classmate from High School.
Kevin Uyeda
John Glaspey

Contact Information:

CFHT Corporation
Attn: Grant Matsushige
Instrumentation Specialist
65-1238 Mamalahoa Highway
Kamuela, HI  96743
Phone (808) 885-3148
Fax (808) 885-7288
E-mail  Grant Matsushige