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The Halo Original Soundtrack
I discovered in 2002 this superb music from the award winning soundtrack of the first video game from the critically acclaimed Halo trilogy by Bungie Studios. Matching the best film productions, this score redefined at the time the perception of music originating from this field and was pointed to as a sign of increasing legitimacy of video game music in the entertainment industry. Composed and performed by Martin O'Donnell (who came from a television & film background) and Michael Salvatori, this instrumental music touches elegantly on different genres, from classical orchestral score to cool drum beats and new age sensibilities. What captured my interest was the diversity of rythms and instrumentation creating palpable moods throughout the album, yet with the recurring theme of the gregorian choir that harmonuously connects it all together. This awe inspiring composition was, and remains to this day, the best music to score my visuals.

I thank Martin O'Donnell for his early support and his patience throughout the many years it took me to complete my vision of the film. He provided for Hawaiian Starlight a unique 5.1 surround mix which delivers a powerful and engaging sonic experience.

Bungie Studios develops games that combine intelligent stories, brilliant technology, and beautiful art. I thank them, as well as Microsoft Game Studios, for accepting to see this original music used in the very different context of my art, science, and educational oriented film, which also aims at combining an intelligent story, brilliant technology, and beautiful art!

The table on the right lists the Halo tracks used in the film. The whole soundtrack is available on CD or for download.

Hawaiian Starlight Halo Soundtrack
1. Mauna Kea Halo
2. Volcanic Giants What Once Was Lost
3. The Observatories Brothers In Arms
4. The Universe Devils... Monsters...
5. Starlight Under Cover Of Night
6. Galaxies Alien Corridors
7. Clouds & Volcanoes Covenant Dance
8. Orion The Maw
9. Moonlight Enough Dead Heroes
10. Star Formation Suite Autumn
11. Light Transition Dust And Echoes
12. Ominous Clouds Lament For Pvt. Jenkins
13. Stellar Evolution Opening Suite
14. Star Trails Ambient Wonder
15. Full Circle Truth & Reconciliation
16. End Credits Siege of Madrigal
Credits A film by Jean-Charles Cuillandre
Halo music by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori
CFHT astronomy images by Jean-Charles Cuillandre (CFHT) & Giovanni Anselmi (Coelum)
Film digital technology by Sidik Isani
Copyrights Footage and photographs © Jean-Charles Cuillandre
Astronomical Images © CFHT / Edizioni Scientifiche Coelum
Bungie Studios' Halo Soundtrack © Microsoft Corporation
Used under license from Warner Chappell Music
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