CFHT, Instruments, Detectors, CCDs, Loral 3

CCD: Loral 3

QE curve

Test data: June 1995

Current status: no longer offered. (Standard dewar, usable anywhere appropriate if really needed.)

The state of the device after optimisation in June 1995:

Description Three phase thick Loral CCD
Architecture front side illuminated CCD
Manufacturer Loral
Size: 2048x2048 by 15 micron pixels
Nominal gain 2.3 e-/ADU
Read noise 5.3 e-/pixel
Nominal bias 1000 ADU
Full well >80,000 e-
Transfer efficiency excellent
Nominal operating temp. -135C
Dark current 0.25 e-/min/pixel (-116C)
Nonlinearity less than 0.5%
Residual image Significant if over-saturated, use caution selecting source fields
Cosmetics a few bad columns and a number of low-level traps.
Flat field few percent variation
Dewar Photometrics.
Notesblue sensitive coating. (Lick obs.)
Used with new GEN III V2 controllers
prototype CFHT CCD preamp
Planned upgrade to Gen III V3.