CFHT, Instruments, Detectors, IR, Redeye Manual.


(HTML adaptation by David Bohlender, 15 August 1994)


The CFHT "Redeye team" is shown at 2.1 m. This photo was made with the Redeye wide field camera. From left to right across the top are Steve Smith, John Kerr, Chris Hunter, and Steve Massey. Along the bottom are Dan McKenna, Doug Simons (+1), and Chris Clark. Not photographed is Scott Chapman. Mahalo to this collection of technical wizards for designing, building, and supporting the Redeye infrared cameras for the CFHT Community. Thanks also goes out to the manufacturers of many of the key components of the Redeye cameras, including Rockwell International Science Center for providing CFHT with the various science and engineering arrays needed for this project, Optics for Research for fabricating all of the lenses for Redeye, Thin Film Labs for designing and depositing the unique AR coatings on all of Redeye's lenses, and Bear Machining for fabricating the cryostats. I would like to express my gratitude to John Rayner of the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility for extremely helpful conversations and suggestions while the Redeye optical design was being conducted. Finally, I thank Mauna Kea Infrared, managed by Doug Toomey and principally staffed by Lou Robertson, Chas Cavedoni, and Vern Stahlberger for their crucial contributions to the design and fabrication of Redeye.

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