Elixir Detrend Data top

This is the CFHT Elixir Detrend Database & Image Collection. All of the Master Detrend Images created to date by Elixir are available here. There are directories containing the specific images, as well as the detrend database table (a FITS table), detrend.db. If you have the elixir programs, the detrend database can be used for automatic lookup of the appropriate images. In this case, you have two choices. You can grab the detrend.db file here, and the appropriate images for your analysis, placing them in the same layout as given here, maintaining the given names. The Elixir detrend database system won't complain about missing detrend images unless they are needed for an analysis. Alternatively, you may simply grab the images of interest, and add them to your own version of the detrend database, using the detregister program.

The detrend images are stored in directories by their detrend type (dark, flat, etc). The flat-field images are placed in subdirectories by filter. The naming convention uses the following layout for each file: CRUNID.TYPE.FILTER.CCD.VERSION.fits
CRUNID = camera run id (ie 01Ak01 = 2001/01/27 - 2001/02/06)
TYPE = detrend type (ie, flat)
FILTER = filter for light types, exposure time for dark types
CCD = 2 digits representing CCD number
VERSION = a version number to force the image names to be unique
Note that the flat-fields images since 01Ak01 are available in multiple versions, one with and one without a scattered light correction. For more information on the scattered light frames, see the directory scat or the report on the scattered light here.