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Gumball: MOS Database

Here is the reference database spectra for MOS. After selecting your instrumental configuration below, several spectra previously obtained for this configuration by the CFHT staff will be displayed. The first spectrum is usually an "optimal" calibration frame, that is, all the lamps are used to cover the whole spectral range. The other spectra are the individual lamps available in Gumball (when relevant) and a cut of a spectrum taken with the halogen lamp for flat-fielding calibration.

For each spectrum, the following information is provided:

Please, note that at this stage, the database is still incomplete. In the future, more data will be gathered and the database will offer additional information!

Select your instrumental configuration:

  • Grism U75
  • Grism U900
  • Grism B300
  • Grism B400
  • Grism B600
  • Grism O300
  • Grism O600
  • Grism V150
  • Grism R150
  • Grism R300

  • General List of Spectral Lines

    Red Ball Neon Yellow Ball Argon Blue Ball Mercury(Argon) Orange Ball Neon + Argon + Mercury(Argon)