CFH12K Project Staff

The CFH12K camera saw first light on the sky at CFHT prime focus early January 1999. It was not the conclusion of the project since a focal plane upgrade was already scheduled (August 1999) to replace the three low grade CCDs mounted in the focal plane since we did not have enough science grade devices to fully populate the camera. But this first light was a major milestone for all the people involved in this exciting project which started in 1997, they are:

  • Gerry Luppino - University of Hawaii, IfA, Principal Investigator

  • Camera design and construction
  • Barry Starr - CFHT Project Manager/Project Hardware Engineer

  • CFHT hardware management and development
  • Jean-Charles Cuillandre - CFHT Project Software Engineer

  • CCD Controllers, camera characterization and optimization, user interface
  • Sidik Isani - CFHT Software Development

  • Data acquisition system, software environment

  With substantial assistance of CFHT staff:
  • Optics Group:
      Greg Barrick & Barney Magrath
       filters & wide field corrector
  • Mechanical Group:
      Wiley Knight & Dan Sabin
       shutter & prime focus bonnette
  • Electronic Group:
      Robert Calder, Grant Matsushige, Les Mizuba & Dan Wilcox
       cabling & setup