Elixir Real Time Log- RunID 21Bm05

Last updated: Wed Dec 1 09:20:55 HST 2021

This Elixir Real-Time log is based on the data archived at Waimea. The image quality and sky background Elixir statistics are based on statistics over the entire mosaic (36 CCDs). Note that this log is generated only every hour.

The fields Image, RunID, HST Observing Date, are self-explanatory. ExT stands for the Exposure Time, F for the filter, Airm for the airmass, IQ for the image quality, and SkyB in the total sky background in ADU for the entire length of the exposure.

This page was modified Feb 6, 2018 at the request of the SAC to remove information about the RA, DEC, and Field.

The four QSO flags (e.g. "A 1 V D") are the flags described on the Guide to browsing the catalogs page (last four flags in that case).

The main focus of this log goes to the Elixir Real-Time flags (e.g. "A M L R S") and are meant to show the status of each image within the Elixir pipeline. The first flag "A" means the file has been archived by DADS and can be found in "/h/archive/current/instrument/megaprime". The second flag "M" means that the archive deamon has created a link in "/data/kapu/elixir/megaprime" and this link has been detected by Elixir. The third flag "L" means that the given image (the link) can be found in "/data/elixir/rawdir/ultracam/ERUNID" with ERUNID the Elixir Run ID for the current run. The fourth flag "R" means that the image has been registered in the Elixir database. The fifth flag "S" means that the image has been successfully analyzed by the image statistic function.

If a process fails along the line, a "X" flags the problem and the red color is applied to that image.