A Guide to your QSO Data

Thank you for using Queued Service Observing at CFHT. This web page is a guide to the data you have received.

Feedback and Help

For specific questions and comments related to the data in your program, please use the PH2 Helpdesk for communication with the QSO, Elixir, or DADs team. This way we can keep track of all comments and questions to better improve the 'New Observing Process'.

To use the Helpdesk, login using your PH2 username and password. If you have a new question or comment click the "New Thread" button at the top of the left most frame. Assign a topic to the thread and specify which forum, QSO Support, Elixir Support, or DADS support, you would like the thread to appear in. Click "OK", write your message and click "Post". The message will be sent to the moderator for that forum, who will approve it at which point it will become readable by all users. If you would like to receive all new messages posted to a thread by email, then click in the small circle adjacent to the thread name in the left most pane. To post a new message in an existing click on the thread name, then click the "post new message in thread" link in the right hand pane. To reply to a message, click the "reply" button above the message you would like to reply to.