MegaPrime Field Mapping

Introduction / Disclaimer

This tool (TFM) is meant to provide the user with a simple way to run preliminary studies of MegaPrime pointings during the time proposal submission phase. The astrometric precision of this tool is within 2 arcminutes (that's still less than 4% of the field of view).

If interactive iterations for precise positioning are desired, it is highly recommended waiting for the QSO's PH2 step anyway since an interface based on CDS' Aladdin tool provides a highly efficient real-time display.

The present tool allows you to get an idea of star density in and around your fields, and the location of bright stars within the field of view of the camera: beware that Magnitude 6 (or less) stars will create fairly large reflection halos (see "Immunity to bright stars scattered light" in the Technical Considerations section.

The user interface

Click on this figure to launch the MegaPrime Field Mapping tool.


The map:

The actual image: (not to scale)