WIRCam - CFHT Data Products

The WIRCam preprocessed data distributed by CFHT consists in two sets of the same images: 1) ??????p.fits images are fully preprocessed and sky subtracted images; 2) ??????s.fits images are fully preprocessed but NOT sky subtracted images. Distributing the ??????s.fits images allows the PI or Terapix to fine-tune their sky subtraction technique. For example, Terapix uses the CFHT set of ??????p.fits images to construct a first-pass deep stack that is then used to identify faint sources which are then masked in the CFHT ??????s.fits data set to produce second-pass ??????p.fits images required to construct a final second-pass deep stack. This process is called a two-pass sky subtraction technique.

We expect to deliver even more meta-data in the future like SExtractor/2MASS cross-matched catalogues, seeing measurements, NIR absorption plots, etc.