TOO Submission Form for QSO: Help



This Web form has been created to submit unpredictable Target-of-Opportunity programs for the Queued Service Observing (QSO) mode with the MegaPrime, WIRCam and ESPaDOnS at CFHT. If you have been allocated time already for a TOO program by the TAC, you do not have to submit this form. Just go to PH2, prepare your observations, and send us an email to the QSO Team.

After submission of this form, an email will be automatically sent to the CFHT Director, the QSO Team and the PI. The proposal will be evaluated by the Director. If the program is recommended, the QSO Team will prepare the observations through our Phase 2 tool, according to the information given in the Web form.We recommend that you send the form as soon as possible before an observing night so that the QSO people can contact the PI, in case of questions related to the observations to be performed.

Please, fill up all the entry fields below. All of them are important.

TOO Form