ESPaDOnS: an Echelle SpectroP olarimetric Device
for the Observation of Stars at CFHT

ESPaDOnS development responsibilities list

August 16, 2001

The ESPaDOnS development responsibilities list is a guideline intended
to give some details on the systems and functionalities that are to be
provided by CFHT and the ESPaDOnS teams. This list is not intended to be
complete and definitive, as modifications will be necessary as the
project is being carried on. For some specific issues (optics, detector,
etc.), more detailed memos will be prepared by CFHT staff and revised by
OMP staff, and should be viewed as definitive agreements between both
parties on systems and functionalities.

The CFHT and the Espadons development team agreed during the Espadons
Kickoff Meeting (held in Waimea in May 2000) to provide the following
systems and functionality for the Espadons spectropolarimeter:

1. On the CFH telescope

1.1 Espadons development team: 

(a) the interface between the Espadons Cassegrain unit (interface /
calibration module and polarimeter) and the AO Bonnette C1 mounting

(b) the Espadons Cassegrain unit consisting of :
	- a removable atmospheric dispersion corrector (ADC) unit
	- a guider unit including:
		- the field acquisition/guider optics and camera, and
                  associated controls and power supplies 
		- an output consisting of an XY coordinate pair guider
                  error signals in the camera's field coordinates at a 
		  rate of 0.1 Hz for use by the CFHT Telescope Control 
		  System (TCS)  
	- calibration lamps for flat-fielding and wavelength
          calibration, and associated opto-mechanics, controls, and power
	- removable polarizers, diffuser, and Fabry-Perot etalon, with
          their opto-mechanics, controls, and power supplies 
	- a polarimeter unit and associated opto-mechanics, controls, and
          power supplies 
	- a fiber feed and focal conversion unit
	- optical fibers running from the polarimeter to the
          spectrograph, on the 3rd floor 

(c) a Cassegrain unit controller, and associated cables and power

(d) storage containers for the Espadons Cassegrain unit and the Espadons
optical fibers when not in use on the telescope

(e) if needed, extra handling equipment needed for installation and
removal of the Espadons Cassegrain unit, other what CFHT is providing (a
1-ton crane, a 20-ton crane, a forklift, and a hydraulic platform)

(f) termination (connectors) of the optical fibers 

(g) spares for all critical parts (electronic, optical, mechanical) not
normally stocked at CFHT

(h) fixtures for dry air purge of equipment at the Cassegrain focus and
Coude room

(i) all other items not specifically provided here by CFHT

1.2 CFHT:

(a) the spacer that will go between the Espadons Cassegrain unit
(interface / calibration module and polarimeter) and the Cassegrain

(b) access to telescope position data in near real-time for control of
the ADC

(c) the transformation from the XY coordinate pair guider error signals
to Right Ascension, Declination coordinates 

(d) dry air purge lines for the Espadons Cassegrain unit and Coudé room

(e) access to commands to focus the f/8 secondary under computer control

2. At the Espadons Spectrograph

2.1 Espadons Development team:

(a) the Espadons spectrograph including:
	- all optics and optical mounts and controls 
	- the optical breadboard on which the spectrograph components
          are assembled 
	- the support structure for the optical table
	- a sealed, insulated housing for the spectrograph and any
          associated mounts 
	- any environment controls

(b) the Espadons spectrograph controller and associated cables and power
(c) the Bowen-Walraven image slicer and all associate opto-mechanics and
(d) ccd circuit board assembly, housing, cables
(e) ccd dewar internal wiring and connectors, cold fingers and a fanout
board, and getter heaters

(f) the SDSU 2 PCI-based ccd controller and associated chassis, power
supplies and cables, including associated optical fibers 

(g) SDSU 2 controller internal wiring

(h) the CCD host computer and associated hardware

(i) the CCD mounting hardware

(j) the detector shutter and mount

(k) all handling equipment needed for the Espadons spectrograph

(l) a Users' Manual

(m) spares for all critical parts not normally stocked at CFHT

(n) all other items not specifically provided here by CFHT

2.2 CFHT:
(a) $150k US for purchase of:
	- the single echelle diffraction grating
	- other equipment or expenses as directed by the Espadons PI

(b) a 2k x 4k science grade EEV ccd chip

(c) a 2k x 4k engineering grade EEV ccd chip

(d) a ccd dewar with window, vacuum gauge, vacuum valve cold vessel and
fill necks, but without fanout out board, internal wiring connectors,
cold finger, ccd mount hardware or getter 

(e) an unpopulated ccd pre-amp printed circuit board with the pre-amp

(f) DSP code for the CCD controller which provides existing in-house
functionality, with the 'stop', 'resume', change gain/readout speed

(g) a pair of temperature sensors on the Espadons spectrograph, to be
logged by the CFHT Datalogger 

(h) LN2 supplies, LN2 level sensor, and auto refill device

3. The Espadons control environment

3.1 Espadons Development Team:

(a) the data reduction and quick-look software

(b) Espadons instrument control software and all related source code

(c) the Espadons NEO agent based on the standard CFHT skeleton

(d) high-level script control commands 

(e) the design for the graphical user interface (GUI) based on CFHT's
RPM; CFHT will implement this design

(f) tuning the timings to optimize the various CCD readout modes

3.2 CFHT:

(a) Espadons users sessions and CCD data acquisition software integrated
into the NEO environment 

(b) DSP code modified to incorporate new functions such as 'stop/resume 
exposure' or 'change gain/readout speed'   

(c) NEO standard skeleton, MEGACAM example for high level script control
command, RPM for GUI 

(d) observer environment and data reduction host computers as shared
internal CFHT resources 

(e) implementation of the GUI designed by the Espadons team

(f) Galil drivers under LINUX OS for Ethernet and RS 232 communication

(g) the sources C or C++ of an instrument software control example using
Galil servo motors based on Ethernet and RS232 communication

4. Other

4.1 Espadons Development Team:

(a) all cost associated with shipping, insurance and import duties

(b) all travel and lodging costs for non-CFHT personnel 

(c) all specialty tools and test equipment

(d) all manuals, plans and schematics as called out in the CFHT
Instrument Design Specifications (IDS) 

(e) an integration and test plan developed in concert with CFHT

(f) detailed opto-mechanical alignment/setup instructions

(g) setup and operational support for Espadons for the first 2 semesters
of use after initial science release 

(h) a Web-based performance estimator tool for development of observing

4.2 CFHT:

(a) all travel and lodging costs for  CFHT staff

(b) an integration and test plan developed in concert with the Espadons

(c) nights of pre-release engineering, in one or more runs, and test on
the CFHT telescope 

(d) provision for a data archive

(e) integration and optimization of the science-grade CCD