CFHT, Instruments, Spectroscopy, ESPaDOnS

ESPaDOnS: an Echelle SpectroPolarimetric Device
for the Observation of Stars at CFHT

Pictures taken during the installation and testing of ESPaDOnS at the summit, in August 2004. NOTE: clicking on most of the pictures will give a higher resolution image.

Optical bench with spectrograph components being installed. The collimator and camera are the mirrors (protected by a white piece of material) on the left. The camera and CCD will be installed at the far right corner.

6 slices.

Spectrograph and part of the thermal enclosure. The collimator and camera mirrors are uncovered.

Spectrograph and thermal enclosure. The purple cylinder at the right is the dewar.

ESPaDOnS in the Inner Coude room, with Gecko's detector environment at the far left, and its mosaic grating at the right.

ESPaDOnS in its thermal enclosure, in the 3rd floor Inner Coude room. The feet of the enclosure (black cylinders) rest on a layer of thermal insulation.

Polarimeter at the telescope. The spacers are temporary.

Polarimeter and electronics rack at the telescope.
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